What’s Happening at Geelong Photography

Professional Photo of Dachshund

Little dachshund with a huge personality- Geelong Pet Photography

Little Archie visited us in the studio recently. What a little firecrackerūüėÉ. ¬†Super focussed, super intelligent, and such a great bundle of fun. ¬†We had a blast meeting him in the studio and then watching him dart around the park as fast as those sweet little legs would take him. We would love to meet your fur baby. ¬† If you would like a session like Archie’s, our price/session details are here. ¬† When you are
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Cake Smash and 1st birthday bubbles

As a Geelong¬†baby photographer, I enjoy capturing the wonderment in a child’s expression as they experience new things. ¬†In this cake smash and birthday¬†session with Helayna, we did bubbles, balloons,¬†toys and a cake smash at the end to capture her one year milestone. ¬†It was so much fun to see all of her curious and happy expressions.¬†Helayna’s first birthday was memorised¬†with a quick pre-cake portrait
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Cake Smash and First Birthday Photography for Piper

First birthday and cake smash photography for Miss Piper Little Miss Piper had her first birthday recently.  What better way to celebrate than with balloons and cake? If you are interested in scheduling a session  for your baby or for a family member, or would like some other type of session you can contact us through THIS LINK, you can also write to us or call us at kym@geelong-photography.com.au  | (03) 52211198. W
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Geelong Product Photography – Clothing

Every now and then we are asked to photograph¬†products that make us ask “why hasn’t someone thought of this before now”? ¬†And so it was when Christine DeGraaf asked us to shoot her new range of Adaptive Clothing for her company G.O. Clothing. ¬†This highly functional range allows aged care patients,¬†people with temporary or permanent disabilities or those rehabilitating from an injury¬†to dress¬†easily
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Geelong Commercial Photography – Pomegranate Still Life

I have been wanting to photograph pomegranates for a while – I love the rich red and I knew I wanted to shoot them on some natural native stringy bark that we collected a while¬†ago. ¬†However,¬†when they are available at my¬†local greengrocer they are usually¬†$4.50 each or more and¬†I’m not too keen on¬†spending that much on something that will be wasted. ¬†So when my sister told me she had access to a tree, I
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Beach Pet Photography Session

Brock is an Australian Stump-Tailed cattle dog mix who loves the beach. This early morning beach session in Portarlington featured Brock and his ‘cousins’ during their Christmas break on the Peninsula                                                           &nbs
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Emma O’Shea – Silver Brumby 2015

If you are familiar with Elyne Mitchell’s stories of the Silver Brumby, you will know that the brumbies father was a handsome chestnut named Yarraman. ¬†According to the stories he was the greatest stallion of the Highland Plains and king of the Cascade Brumbies. ¬†So it is only fitting that another handsome chestnut – Hilite Dad’s Acres – should bring Emma O’Shea to her second Challenge¬†t
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A Time For Remembering – the Man from Snowy River Museum

One of the many highlights of the Man from Snowy River Bush Festival is the Jack Riley Remembrance Service. ¬†It is one of the first events of the Festival¬†and is held at the Man from Snowy River Museum. ¬†Museum volunteers and students tell the story of Father Hartigan’s trip in to the mountains to see Jack Riley when he was ill, and also tells of Jack’s last trip down the mountain and his death in Carters
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