Wedding Photography Questionnaire

Wedding Photography Questionnaire – tell us a little about yourself

Hi there.  I’m Kym, and my husband Lindsay and I are Geelong based professional photographers who love to shoot weddings.   There are many good professional photographers in Geelong, thank you for looking at our galleries and taking the time to get in touch.   We are available to shoot weddings all over Victoria – we do not charge any extra for travelling.

We will be spending a fair bit of time together on your wedding day so ideally we should get to know each other.  We will be helping you to plan certain aspects of your day, like the photo sessions throughout the day, and the best placement for your ceremony so you get the best photos.  This way we can all be confident that the moments we capture will be natural, uninterrupted and beautiful.   Pictures you can look back on in the years to come and smile.  To help me get an idea of the story you would like to tell, please complete this short questionnaire.  Alternatively, you can email me at kym@geelong-photography.com.au or you can call me on (03) 5221 1198 and we can talk about your wedding and what flavour wedding cake you are going to have:)

    Waterways/Jetties/BoatsBeach/Waves/WaterRocks/Headland/OceanBushlandOpen fields or a view of the hillsWaterfalls and CreeksUrban/Street/Architecture