Walking with big cats in Zimbabwe

One of the many highlights of our time in Zimbabwe was walking with the young lions in the Shearwater Conservation in Victoria Falls.   I’ll admit I was nervous.  We had just finished our safari through Botswana and had seen a few lions.   The guides had been careful to ensure that we did not engage with them at all.  In fact, we happened upon one lion in the Moremi Reserve who was snoozing in the sun.   The guide told us that if he was to get out of the truck, he wouldn’t be getting back in 😱  So who, (in their right mind) pays money to get up close and personal with wild lions?

It turns out, they are just like your neighborhood tabby…….only much bigger 😝

The lions that we walked with were 14 months old.  They are all orphans or rescues and are being rehabilitated to live in the Conservancy.   They are past their baby stage and are just starting to learn to hunt so they are taken out every day to start learning the skills that they will need when they are grown.  But they do all the same things that our neighbours cats do – use trees as scratching posts, butt heads and rub each other, lick and clean each other, and roll and tumble and play together.  They are just so much bigger than our local tabby and their hair is a lot coarser.   And you can’t see them in the long grass – they just blend in.

Date: January 06, 2020