Rookeepers – the Mission to Mars-upial

Michael jokes that he has the best party animals in town and he’s not wrong 🙂

Michael Church launched The Rookeepers back in 2012 and loves to encourage everyone he meets to live more sustainably.  He and his team offer interactive wildlife based school incursions where students explore some of our Australian native animals: where they live, what they eat, what they feel like.  His programs are designed to encourage students to connect to and conserve nature. He also offers private corporate events and children’s parties.

Lindsay and I were very fortunate to meet Michael and photograph some of his brood.  Since we took these photos Michael’s ever growing family has now grown to over 100 animals and includes bees, fish, reptiles, marsupials and mammals – I think we need another visit :).   

You can find more information about Michael, his team and his vision at therookeepers.com.au.   While you are there, check out his “Vision to Mars-upial”.  By 2026 he “hopes to plant 10,000 trees throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria, creating a food source for pollinators and habitat for wildlife”.


Date: December 24, 2019