Pet Photography

Walking with big cats in Zimbabwe

One of the many highlights of our time in Zimbabwe was walking with the young lions in the Shearwater Conservation in Victoria Falls.   I’ll admit I was nervous.  We had just finished our safari through Botswana and had seen a few lions.   The guides had been careful to ensure that we did not engage with them at all.  In fact, we happened upon one lion in the Moremi Reserve who was snoozing in the sun.   The gu
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The king of the jungle at home and abroad

Why do we call him the “King of the jungle”?   Lions don’t live in jungles.  They live mostly on the African savannah grasslands and a small percentage have adapted to survive in the harsh Namib desert. So why do we refer to lions as the kings of the jungle? It may be as simple as a translation error. The Indian word for open grazing land in ‘Jungli’. This describes almost exactly the habitat of African lions and the
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Head & Shoulders photo of Western Lowland Gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla photographed in Sydney

The Western Lowland Gorilla, scientific name Gorilla gorilla gorilla, is the most widespread of the Gorilla subspecies, however, it is listed as Critically Endangered. Due to this, they are the most commonly photographed gorilla subspecies. They are also the most likely to be found in zoos and safari parks. They live in the dense rainforests of Africa, with confirmed populations in Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Co
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Photo of Wedge-tailed eagle showing beak & plumage

Bunjil – the Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Across the Australian skyline, there is no sight more majestic than the Wedge Tailed Eagle, the country’s largest raptor. Easily identifiable by its large, diamond-shaped tail, this beautiful bird of prey uses the wind currents to soar the skies in search of food. This search for prey is made that much easier by the bird’s binocular vision. It allows the eagle to easily spot its prey from heights of up to 2000m and t
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Photograph of Australian Sugar Glider on log with yellow blossom

Rookeepers – the Mission to Mars-upial

Michael jokes that he has the best party animals in town and he’s not wrong 🙂 Michael Church launched The Rookeepers back in 2012 and loves to encourage everyone he meets to live more sustainably.  He and his team offer interactive wildlife based school incursions where students explore some of our Australian native animals: where they live, what they eat, what they feel like.  His programs are designed to encourage
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