Maternity and Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography sessions are best done within 5 – 10 days of birth. At this age, bubs is used to being curled up as that is how he/she was in the womb. After about two weeks of age, they begin to stretch up their limbs and are less happy with us trying to put them back into the cute little poses. And they tend not to sleep as soundly so become a little more bothered by us manipulating them into the positions that we want.

These sessions are done in our studio. Most of them are done naked to show how tiny your newborn is. If you would like your child photographed clothed, please make sure that their clothes fit properly. No-one looks good in clothes that are too big, and babies are no exception.

We have a series of props and blankets, but you are welcoome to bring any special items such as headbands/bonnets/toys that would like to include in some of the photographs.


The session fee of $75.00 is for the time and talent of the photographer. The session is conducted in our home studio and the time taken will depend on the patience of your little one. As a guide, you should allow between 1/2 and one hour but if your little one is unsettled, we will take more time to ensure that we have portraits that you are happy with. We will have the images professionally edited and placed in an online gallery for you to view and order from.  Photo prices begin at $15.00.