Geelong Product Photography – Clothing

Every now and then we are asked to photograph products that make us ask “why hasn’t someone thought of this before now”?  And so it was when Christine DeGraaf asked us to shoot her new range of Adaptive Clothing for her company G.O. Clothing.  This highly functional range allows aged care patients, people with temporary or permanent disabilities or those rehabilitating from an injury to dress easily or with minimal assistance.    If you have ever been in hospital or had an injury that limited your movement, you know that dressing can become a challenge.  Christine’s range of every day wear gives people fashionable options that preserve their modesty and allow them some independence.  All of the products have hook and loop seams, making it easy to get arms and legs into e.g. if you have a plaster cast or an I.V. Tube.   Please scroll through the range here then visit GO Clothing and share this fantastic idea with your friends.