No matter what your type of business, your image is paramount. On your website, in magazines and on social media, your photographs are what people use to form an image of your business.

Executive Portraits

An executive or business portrait is generally a headshot (head and shoulders photo). It can be taken in your workplace or in a park or other outdoor area depending on your preference.

You can use your portrait:

  • On your website or blog
  • On your business cards
  • On your social networking sites
  • For press releases
  • For Company brochures

Editorial Portraits

Simply put, editorial photos are those that support written words. Editorial photos generally illuminate a story and they show what words cannot communicate. They can be done on location or in a studio depending on the message that is being communicated .

You can use editorial photographs:

  • In press releases
  • For Company brochures
  • On your social networking sites

Promotional Photographs

Potential clients don’t know who you are. The pictures that you use for publicity let people know about the quality of your product, and little about you and your company. These are the photos that show what you do and how you do it.

You can use promotional photos:

  • On your website or blog
  • Content marketing on your social networking sites
  • For press releases
  • For advertising

Business Awards functions

Corporate Artwork

Product photography

Editorial photography

Promotional Photography

Gala and Event Photography

Run under our Get The Picture banner, we provide a ‘live’ photo booth to offer something different for your corporate event. These aren’t formal pictures of your function, these are the fun pictures. Your guests will be photographed laughing, hugging, pulling funny faces and creating memories that will last forever. Be as silly, sexy or serious as you want. Its an incredibly fun way to get some hilarious photos of your friends and guests.