Professional Photo of Dachshund

Little dachshund with a huge personality- Geelong Pet Photography

Little Archie visited us in the studio recently. What a little firecrackerūüėÉ. ¬†Super focussed, super intelligent, and such a great bundle of fun. ¬†We had a blast meeting him in the studio and then watching him dart around the park as fast as those sweet little legs would take him. We would love to meet your fur baby. ¬† If you would like a session like Archie’s, our price/session details are here. ¬† When you are
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Beach Pet Photography Session

Brock is an Australian Stump-Tailed cattle dog mix who loves the beach. This early morning beach session in Portarlington featured Brock and his ‘cousins’ during their Christmas break on the Peninsula                                                           &nbs
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He visits every day. ¬†Usually around 4pm. He lands on the cherry tree and calls for his dinner. ¬†If he thinks we’re taking too long, he will sometimes fly up onto the roof of the house next door and look in through our kitchen window. ¬† ¬†He waits patiently while we fill his bowls and he is happy for us to watch as he slowly picks his favourite seeds. ¬†Then he leaves. ¬†I wonder why he is always alone. ¬†He should
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