Cake Smash and 1st birthday bubbles

As a Geelong baby photographer, I enjoy capturing the wonderment in a child’s expression as they experience new things.  In this cake smash and birthday session with Helayna, we did bubbles, balloons, toys and a cake smash at the end to capture her one year milestone.  It was so much fun to see all of her curious and happy expressions. Helayna’s first birthday was memorised with a quick pre-cake portrait session including some fun with bubbles.   These portraits get the little ones used to the studio setup, our lights and the camera. Then mum bought out a beautiful big red cake and the real fun began.  It took a little bit for Helayna to get the concept of the smash but once she got into it, she had a blast.  We spend so much time telling little ones not to play with their food, its no wonder they are confused when we tell them its ok to spread the cake and icing everywhere :).

I love how colourful bubbles are when captured by the camera.

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