Australian Bush Poetry Championships – Caitlan Klippel

In early April I had the privilege of photographing the Australian Bush Poetry Championships in Corryong.  Year 7 student Caitlan Klippel wrote a moving piece about a young ANZAC in WWI.   For her efforts she was crowned the Yr 7 – 12 written champion and the Yr 7-12 Performance Champion.  She also earned the Spirit of Mateship Performance award and the Frank Daniel encouragement award.  Congratulations Caitlan.  It was a joy to listen to you and to photograph you…….thank you:)

Caitlan’s Poem will be reproduced in The Man from Snowy River Souvenir Book that will be published in late May 2015.  In the meantime, I have included it here:


A young boy stands on a cornerCaitlin2
Watching men write their names on a table
They are going to fight for their country
Live or die, just be brave if they are able.

The young boy standing closer now
Getting courage to go ahead and sign
He’s not eighteen yet but mother won’t know
Braver now as he signs on the dotted line

A year now has passed with so much regret
Life is a cold reality, a flea infested trench
The heat, the cold, damp, everything is wet
Of death and decay the overpowering stench

He thinks of his home, his mother and friends
These memories that tear at him relentlessly
He knows that mates are with him to the end
His love of country and not to die needlessly

A bugle has now sounded and he knows its time
The enemy is now close at hand
With his mates by his side they form up a line
As they fight for our beloved southern land

He knows he might not survive this day
As his thoughts again return to Scone
Then a shot rings out and his light turns grey
Oh God I just want to go home

He can feel strong arms around him now
As they carry him down through the fields
With fading memories of his loved ones
His fate has surely now been sealed.

In foreign lands they lay down our beloved son
Our brave men and women will be remembered
They did not return but their memory lives on
Their lives, their dreams all surrendered.

Lest we forget.